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The Battle for @Bitcoin – The Power of Social Media in the Crypto World




As the Lightning Network comes closer to completion, BTC users across the globe are seeing a reason to celebrate.  One such individual who hasn't shared this enthusiasm is the owner of the twitter handle @Bitcoin.  It’s not much of a surprise to learn that this individual isn't Satoshi and it only takes a quick glimpse at their timeline to see some distinct marketing leaning in one direction in particular – away from BTC.

@Bitcoin – Definitely Not Satoshi

The owner of this very popular twitter handle has been spamming Bitcoin Cash propaganda for months now.  So much so that Twitter chose to suspend the account after numerous complaints from followers who say they were deceived into thinking this was an individual associated with BTC.  This isn't the first time the account has been suspended and last year a similar incident caused a temporary suspension.

Is Roger Ver @Bitcoin ?

Within minutes of the suspension, Reddit was filled with conspiracy theories surrounding Roger Ver, the creator of Bitcoin Cash and the Co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.  The story went that Roger Ver was the real owner of @Bitcoin and he has been using it to dismay interests in the Lightning Network.  The Lightning Network is considered the biggest threat to BCH's market value as BCH is simply BTC with a larger block size.  In other words, the Lightning Network has the potential to render BCH useless.

To add to the mystery Jack Dorsey (@jack) is a well-known proponent of the Lightning Network and just last month he invested $2.5 million into the project.  This is what many believed led to the suspension of the @Bitcoin account this go around.


While no concrete news surrounding the suspension has been released, @Bitcoin has been reinstated and is currently trying to regain lost followers.  The suspension took a toll on the popular Twitter handle with over 700,000 followers being lost.  At the time of writing, @Bitcoin is showing 828K followers.

So Who Owns @Bitcoin ?

The mystery appears to be continuing in regards to who the person behind @Bitcoin truly is.  One thing is for sure, they are huge fans of Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash with the majority of today’s tweets attempting to bash the Lightning Network.  There are also a lot of tweets praising Roger.  If this account isn't Roger, it must be his mom because they have nothing but praise for Mr. Ver and nothing even remotely bad to say about BCH or their attempt to hijack the BTC community.

Who Will Protect BTC

Never before has there been a protocol introduced in a manner similar to BTC.   To this day, nobody has come forward and proven their self to be Satoshi and because of this, the un-hackable cryptocurrency is still very susceptible to marketing schemes using their logo or name.  Hopefully, in the future, people will learn to respect BTC in the manner in which this game-changing technology deserves.

What do you guys think?  Is Roger’s girlfriend the owner of @Bitcoin?  Let us know in the comment below.