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Lightning Network Meets Amazon : Coincards




The online gift card provider has announced that it will allow users to purchase gift cards from popular online vendors such as Amazon using the Lightning Network.  The news came from a tweet posted by Coincards in which they confirmed the updated protocol in an exciting manner that went as far as saying “The future is now”.

Coincards has been providing crypto users a means in which to transfer their crypto into gift cards for over a year and the platform has seen considerable success thanks to the continued expansion of their gift card selection.  The addition of the Lightning Network to their platform is a huge plus for BTC users who have been eager to escape crippling transaction fees and wait times.

Strategic Partnerships

The maneuver was made possible thanks to a strategic partnership with the development team from BTCpay.  According to company executives, Coincards has been initiating small payments of $0.01 for around a year to test the Lightning Networks capabilities.  The Lightning Network is now in its Beta testing stages and Coincards wanted to be absolutely sure before they offered the services to their clients.

Maximum Purchase

While the Lightning Network passed these tests with flying colors, the developers involved in the project decided it was best to limit the transactions to $25 until the new protocol has completed its Beta testing stage.  Lightning Labs, the developers of the Lightning Network have been working around the clock to get this game-changing protocol in place and many Bitcoiners are hoping to see this off-chain solution fully functioning by Q3 of this year.


Coincards offers access to gift cards from most major online retailers including Amazon.  Crypto enthusiasts have been dreaming of the day that Amazon accepts cryptocurrencies such as BTC.  Amazon officials have stated that they have no intention of making this change anytime soon but thanks to Coincards, you don't have to wait to spend some Satoshis on your next Amazon purchase.

Lightning Network Expansion

The Lightning Network is seeing growing adoption as more users and vendors implement this cost-saving protocol into their business model.  This month has seen a remarkable expansion of the network with the total number of active nodes now surpassing that of the BTC rival Bitcoin Cash.

LApps are Coming

The cryptomarket is accepting the Lightning Network with open arms and besides the obvious excitement from Bitcoin users, there is also a lot of buzz coming from Lightning Network App developers.  This month has already seen the introduction of a number of new LApps in the marketplace and you can expect to see this trend continue as the Lightning Network finalizes its testing stages.

Lightning Network to The Rescue

The Lightning Network is an off-chain protocol that utilizes private payment channels to reduce the amount of data being sent to the BTC blockchain.  Many believe this protocol has the power to save BTC users from their current transaction fee woes.  The network is still in development but despite this, more users are signing up every day to do their part in pushing Lightning Network adoption to the masses.

What do you guys think?  Are you ready to shop your favorite retailers via Coincards yet?  Let us know in the comments below.