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Bitfury Partners with Paytomat to Bring Lightning Network to Your Favorite Restaurant




Bitfury Partners with Paytomat to Bring Lightning Network to Your Favorite Restaurant

The Lightning Network may be the next item you see pop up on your favorite restaurant's menu thanks to a strategic partnership between Bitfury and the popular cryptocurrency payment platform Paytomat. The two companies seek to push Lightning Network adoption to the next level by providing more people with easy access to the second-layer protocol.

The partnership brings the Lightning Network directly to Paytomat's platform. Users can easily make crypto payments to any vendor within the network using the Paytomat App. The company connects vendors with crypto customers and provides both with an easy way to conduct business safely. Paytomat is currently available in Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Ukraine. Bitfury works with many of these governments directly including one project in which the company updated the Ukrainian government’s auction system to a blockchain-based platform.

Paytomat App

The Paytomat app grants users access to the growing Paytomat ecosystem. This network includes a host of vendors ranging from swanky restaurants, all the way to designer clothing boutiques. Vendors can sign up to become a participating member on the company's website and more members join weekly.

Users can easily find participating vendors in their area using the app. Once you find the vendor you like and pick out the products you desire, you can make an instant Lightning Network payment using the 3D scannable barcode. The app also includes a multi-crypto wallet that features live fiat value updates. Paytomat is available for PC, Apple iOS, and Google Android smart devices.

Big Developments

The partnership is sure to push Lighting Network adoption even further. Bitfury is one of the main developers of the Lightning Network. The company operates a subsidiary specifically created for the purpose called LightningPeach.

Bitfury Partners with Paytomat via Twitter

Bitfury Partners with Paytomat via Twitter

The head of the LightningPeach development tram, Pavel Prikhodko made a public statement in which he praised the partnership. He also touched on the company’s goal of making every POS terminal crypto friendly in the near future.

Yurii Olentir, Paytomat's Founder and CEO also took a moment to discuss the new developments. He explained that as long as there are companies that are willing to take cryptocurrencies, and people willing to use them, there will always be a demand for these services.

Bitfury Group

Bitfury is a huge contender in the cryptocurrency space. As one of the leading providers of mining equipment, the company has enormous sway in the Bitcoin community. The San Francisco-based crypto firm entered the market in 2011. Today, Bitfury operates some of the largest data centers in the world. The company is serious about securing the blockchain and their pro-Lightning Network stance says a lot about the expectations of this revolutionary protocol.


EU-based Paytomat entered the market in 2016 with the goal of providing vendors with an easier solution for accepting cryptocurrencies. The company offers a variety of services including social media enabled payments, POS systems, and chatbot services.

Let the Light Shine

This partnership marks another huge step forward for the Lightning Network. Every day this game-changing protocol develops further. Bitcoiners around the globe are looking to the Lightning Network to push the boundaries of crypto adoption. It will be interesting to see how the partnership boasts the network's volume in the coming months.