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Microsoft Excel Getting a Lightning Network Plug-in




.A developer at the Bitcoin Advisory by the name of Pierre Rochard recently revealed his progress in the development of an Excel plugin for the Lightning Network. The plugin goes by the name LND or Lightning Network Daemon and if successful, it would open the door for all types of additional integration.

News of the developments came via Rochard's social media accounts. Here the developer fielded questions regarding the protocol and release schedule for this revolutionary plugin. In a public statement, Rochard explained that the protocol runs within an Excel add-on. Excel is the most popular accounting software on the planet and Rochard believes this plugin is essential in increasing Lightning Network adoption.

LND Capabilities

According to Rochard's posts, the LND node software enables users to instantly send and receive Lighting Network payments. Users can simply paste the wallet address into the spreadsheet and click send payment. This would simplify Lightning Network payments to the point that anyone could easily use this plugin to participate in Lightning Network transactions. User's transactions are shared instantly with other nodes. This helps to keep the blockchain more secure.

Crypto Accounting

The ability to send and receive Lightning Network payments via Excel is a huge advantage for Bitcoin users. According to Rochard, 99% of people who work in the financial sector utilize MS excel. Now, those Excel users who are interested in experimenting with the Lightning Network can get familiar with the second layer protocol.

Pierre Brochard via Twitter

Pierre Brochard via Twitter


The protocol utilizes the Neutrino light client. This software allows users to send and receive Lighting Network payments without running a full node. According to Neutrino's developers, the protocol is an experimental Bitcoin light client written in GO. The protocol increases privacy and reduces processor load by utilizing a new proposal for compacting block filters.

Release Date

Rochard didn't release a proof-of-concept for the add-on yet, but the developer announced that he will make all of the files open-source with the coding available for download from GitHub. Additionally, Rochard plans to release his plug-in by the end of November. This is a wise decision that should help to strengthen adoption in the coming months.

Pierre Rochard

The New York-based crypto enthusiast, Pierre Rochard has been a driving force in the Bitcoin community ever since February 2013 when he started researching and writing on the cryptomarket. Since those early crypto days, Rochard continued to push for a more decentralized financial system.

In 2014, he co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institution with the intention of gathering all the most important Bitcoin-related documentation and literature. The outspoken developer also co-hosts the Noded Bitcoin Podcast show. Here, Rochard discusses the concepts and future of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Setting Up A Node to Receive Payment

In the past, Lightning Network analysts complained that the setup process remained difficult for new users. In turn, this difficulty resulted in reduced adoption. Neutrino's developers sought to eliminate these concerns and better serve the mobile market with their light client. The protocol entered the market earlier in the year and since its arrival, a flood of new Lightning Network apps have been developed using the coding.

Building on the success of the Neutrino protocol, developers such as Rochard is pushing the boundaries of Lightning Network integration. These creative concepts and many more will shine some light on the cryptocommunity in the coming months.