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A Look at the Growing Number of Lightning Network Wallet Options




As the Lightning Network moves towards completion of its Beta testing stage, developers from across the globe are eager to be among the first to deliver LApps to the marketplace. Lightning Wallets are a critical component of the network and there are now a variety of different options to choose from. Let’s take a moment to examine your options and see which wallet best fits your needs.


Eclairwallet - 1st LN Mobile Wallet

Eclairwallet – 1st LN Mobile Wallet

The Eclair wallet was the first mobile LN wallet to enter the market and it made headlines upon its release. This helpful wallet allows users to open personal payment channels with ease and you can even track the entire Lightning Network node count. On top of being the first LN mobile wallet to launch, the Eclair wallet was also one of the first mobile wallets to support the SegWit protocol.

Lightning Wallet

The Lightning Wallet raises the bar by providing users with both a standalone SPV Bitcoin node, as well as a full LN node. Users are able to utilize the LN when needed or send transactions via the blockchain. As a standalone app, rather than a client, all of your BTC is stored directly on your mobile device. This gives you more control over your transactions as no one is able to “freeze” or hold your transactions.


The Zap wallet is unique in its creation as it doesn’t have any business model or investors. Instead, this helpful LApp is the culmination of a community effort to produce a dependable LN wallet option that was immune to outside interests. The entire platform is open-source and anyone with exceptional programming abilities can help contribute to the program. The Zap LN wallet is available for PC and mobile device.


The newest contender to the field is the Rawtx LN wallet. This mobile android LN wallet includes some unique features to help it stand out amongst the competition. Each wallet is composed of dual accounts – Checking and Savings. The checking account functions directly on the LN and the savings account is dedicated to the BTC blockchain. The wallet features the ability to open, join, or close payment channels directly from your mobile device.

The platform is by far the easiest way to create an LN wallet on your PC. Upon visiting their page, you are greeted with a new wallet and your passphrase. Once you have confirmed that you have written the phrase down, you are automatically sent to your newly created wallet. Here you can handle all of your LN needs including sending, receiving, and monitoring the LN's growth. Although this platform is not a LApp yet, it is sure to see a mobile version in the coming months.

More Lightning Network Wallets to Come

The Lightning Network is considered by many as one of the most revolutionary upgrades to the BTC network ever conceived. Layer 2 protocols are popular amongst 2cd generation cryptos and the LN enables BTC to take advantage of all of the extra functionality that can be gained through these protocols.

Hopefully, in the future, we will see a continued push towards more LApps in the marketplace as the LN helps to restore BTC users to the days of minimal transaction fees and “lightning” fast payments.