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Lightninghood Seeks to Supercharge the Lightning Network




Lightninghood Seeks to Supercharge the Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is set to get supercharged thanks to the resourcefulness of some of its biggest supporters. A team of three Lightning Network supporters gathered all things Lightning Network-related into one easy to navigate website called Lightninghood. The developers behind the project seek to provide interested individuals with an easy path to follow to become a member of the ever-growing Lightning Network community.

The three developers of the project AutumnGLitter68e, Beezy, and CurlyDream60e wanted to create a place where people could find resources, nodes, developers, Lapps, and other Lightning Network-related items easily.  The website features an extensive library of documentation regarding the development and history of the second-layer protocol. Also, it includes many “how to” articles.

The platform includes information on finding developers for your next Lightning Network project. The concept is to provide all those interested in the Lightning Network everything they need to take their concepts and make them a reality. Interested parties can learn about the development of the second-layer protocol and then download a wallet or start a node.

Lightninghood Developers

Lightninghood Developers

News of the platform's release came via social media posts and a story on Medium. The Lightning Network continues to find ways to synchronize broad scale open-source development of the protocol.

The Full Spectrum – Lightninghood

The design of the platform allows you to start where your Lightning Network knowledge begins. If you are new to the second-layer protocol, you can start at square one, the Lightning Network White Paper. You can even go back further if you want to learn about the inspirations behind the project.

Intermediate User

Intermediate Lightning Network users can find plenty of helpful information too. There is a comprehensive wallet list that includes 19 options covering Android, Apple iOS, and desktop applications. Scrolling further down the menu of options you find Lightning Network games.

Another exciting section found on the platform is “Shop with Lightning.” You can find everything from stickers, accessories, and apparel here. You can even buy gift cards to your favorite retailers such as Amazon.

Advanced User

An advanced user can gain access to development community discussions and projects in the works. There is a full list of the coding and BOLTS used when creating Lapps. BOLTS are a set of programming guidelines all developers stick to in order to ensure full compatibility with the current network.

If you are interested in setting up a full node, there are in-depth instructions that walk you through the entire process. You can even skip the reading and find the information in the site's video section.


Its safe to say that the development team behind Lightninghood created the most extensive collection of Lightning Network information to date. The library is impressive and if all goes according to plan, the website will inspire new minds to enter the Lightning Network's development.

It’s the extra effort from the community that makes the Lightning Network something truly special in the cryptospace. You can expect to see more exciting developments from this team in the coming months as their network expands.