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Lightning Network Coke Vending Machine Makes Waves




Lightning Network Vending Machines

A video in circulation on major social media platforms shows a Lightning Network coke vending machine in operation. The video was posted by the developer of the device, cryptocurrency-advocate and Lightning Network developer, Ricardo Reis. The new device received national media coverage, with major news publications, such as Forbes, hinting that the strategy could give Bitcoin a “big boost.”

According to the Riccardo's Twitter post, he utilized a Raspberry Pi mini PC to accomplish the task. Raspberry credit card PCs caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts thanks to the development of the Raspiblitz protocol. This protocol transforms the mini PC into a Lightning Network node.

Litecoin developer Charlie Lee recently posted about the product and its ability to host Bitcoin and Litecoin nodes. In the post, he thanked the developers for including Litecoin in on the project.

Ricardo also utilized the online service BTCPAY and Pusher to create the Lighting Network coke vending machine. In a recent article, Ricardo breaks down all of the components used in the device. He also explains how you can create a lightning vending machine at home.

Crypto Vending

As previously reported on this site, Lightning Network vending machines are a new reality, and many in the cryptospace see these units as the next step in wide-scale cryptocurrency adoption. Recently, Lightning Network developers changed their focus towards hardware solutions. This change in course led to the development of new and exciting concepts.

Lightning Network Developments

Ricardo Reis via Twitter

Ricardo Reis via Twitter

Ricardo isn't the first developer to create a working Lightning Network vending machine. That title goes to the Lightning Peach developers from Bitfury. Last week, the team debuted a Lightning Network coffee maker. The team created the coffee machine to showcase their vending concept. Today, the unit sits in Bitfury's lobby.


The Lightning Network enables micro-transactions. These payments occur off of the Bitcoin blockchain. This off-chain solution utilizes private payment channels to process transactions without adding large amounts of congestion to the network. Many in the crypto sphere consider the Lightning Network as Bitcoin's best solution to current congestion issues.

In the past, Developers focused almost exclusively on software solutions such as Lightning Network Apps (Lapps). Now, developers look towards hardware solutions to demonstrate the real power of the protocol. These devices include all-in-one Lightning Network node called the Casa node.

Some in the crypto space believe that setting up a Lightning Network node is too difficult at the moment. Casa node developers hope to alleviate these concerns through the use of their standalone Casa node device. The unit is plug-and-play. Casa touts the device as the easiest Lighting Node solution on the market.

Bitcoin Adoption

Crypto vending machines may be the best way for average people to experience Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. These units are sure to help people better understand the potential of this revolutionary protocol, and these latest developments could lead to a strong push in the vending arena.

What do you guys think? Are you ready for a Bitcoin Coca-Cola?