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An Introduction to Walleto





This week, the Lightning Network just got a little bigger thanks to the team behind the Walleto platform. Developers of the new wallet promise users gain access to an easy-to-navigate interface that provides the highest levels of accessibility and portability available in the market. The news demonstrates further interests by both investors and developers surrounding this unique off-chain scaling solution. It also signifies the entry of a new contender in the field.

Walleto Limited

The Walleto project is the brainchild of the bitcoin payments engineering division of the Bitfury Group – Peach. , According to developers, the wallet provides fast, inexpensive and efficient bitcoin transactions at the touch of a button. Additionally, the wallet features an easy-setup, low fees, and a custodial design.

Discussing the project, CEO of Walleto Limited, Sulim Malook spoke on how his firm approached the wallet's creation. He explained that his firm continuously monitors developments in bitcoin and the Lightning Network to ensure they are at the cutting edge of technology. Additionally, Malook thanked the Bitfury team for their customization. Lastly, he touted the group's stellar reputation and experience in the field.

Walleto via Homepage

Walleto via Homepage

Crypto Millions Lottery

Importantly, Walleto's design is meant to serve as an on-ramp for the Crypto Millions Lottery. Notably, the wallet allows you to make deposits and withdrawals with fiat currency with ease. Developers envisioned the wallet supplementing the lottery to create a scenario in which the platform provides costs lower than any other lottery operator worldwide.

On top of these features, users can instantly play and collect their winnings without delay. In this way, the platform creates a scenario in which Crypto Millions Lottery players gain unprecedented access to their winnings and gameplay. Consequently, Walleto could play a major role in propelling the Crypto Million Lottery into the top lottery spot globally. If the platform is able to accomplish this task, the entire Lightning Network community wins.


In order for Walleto developers to make their project a reality, they sought out the guidance of some industry leaders in the space. As such, Walleto developers worked closely with the popular wallet provider Ledger to ensure their product was top of the line. Malook also spoke on the decision to consult Ledger on the project. He explained why it makes sense to store extra Bitcoin in cold-storage.

A Better UX

Speaking on the new product, Chris Dickson, head of blockchain solutions for Bitfury, described the advantages a Walleto user gains. He spoke on the user-friendly and fully customizable interface. He also touched on the advantages of a custodial wallet design. Finally, he described how Walleto could help to push overall crypto adoption by simplifying the Bitcoin payments process.

Walleto is Now Active

You have to commend Walleto on an excellent release. Lightning Network wallets are a core part of the ecosystem. Anything that simplifies the UX within the market is sure to be a hit. For now, those seeking to utilize Walleto can download the platform for free from the App Store or Google Play.