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Lightning Network Boxing Match Wows Crowd – Zebedee’s Raiki




Zebedee FIghting Game Raika

This week the Lightning Network took its powers to the ring as the Bitcoin startup Zebedee unveiled a new fighting game – Raiki. The new beta concept is meant to showcase the unique abilities of the Lighting Network to send and receive micropayments in seconds. The news showcases how Lightning Network developers want to transform the gaming industry in major ways.

News of the new fighting game came via a booth at the Advancing Bitcoin in London conference. A video of all the action has also made its rounds via social media. In the video, developers can be seen duking it out while a crowd full of onlookers cheer loudly. According to reports on the expo, the battle began with the developers creating characters of themselves before they faced off in battle

Raiki Changes Everything

Uniquely, Raika provides the audience with the ability to participate in the mayhem via any Lightning Network-enabled wallet. In fact, crowd participation can sway the fight as onlookers can send micro lightning payments to the Raiki website. The platform features a QR code that simplifies the entire process even more.

Zebedee Brings Lightning Network to Gamers - Raiki

Zebedee Brings Lightning Network to Gamers – Raiki

The video circulating online shows two well-known  Bitcoin developers, Wasabi Wallet developer nopara73 and BTCPay lead developer Nicolas Dorier going toe-to-toe. In the background, you can hear a crowd of spectators hyping their fighter's performance. Interestingly, the crowd participation aspect of the platform created a scenario in which the game felt more like a real boxing match rather than two individuals gaming.

Proof-of-Concept  Raiki

Zebedee developers seek to utilize the game as a proof-of-concept to showcase the ability of the Lightning Network to create new in-game economies. Importantly, developers point out that this style of game and level of participation would be impossible on any other financial system. Both VISA and PayPal lack the agility to send micro-payments at such an affordable rate.

Zebedee Developer Tool Set

Zebedee's development team believes they can revolutionize the gaming sector. Raiki is just the beginning of Zebedee's overall plan to stimulate in-game economies in a way that was previously unimaginable. As such, the team released a closed beta product that includes a set of developer tools for adding Lightning payments into video games. The new toolset makes it easy for developers to add a little Lighting to their platform.

The Power of Lightning

The Lightning Network employs the use of private payment channels to reduce the amount of congestion on Bitcoin's blockchain. The system provides users with a cutting-edge payment system that is faster, cheaper, and more flexible than the current alternatives. Importantly, users can send micro-transactions that equal just a fraction of a cent. These payments allow developers to create some unique gaming scenarios that would have been impossible just years earlier.

In a recent interview, Zebedee developers explained how a lack of innovation in the financial sector has led to stagnation in game development. For example, most game titles rely on in-app purchases or advertisements as their main form of revenue generation. Now, developers can create completely new economies via the Zebedee tool kit.

Zebedee Raiki – TKO

Zebedee's latest venture has all the excitement and functionality one would expect from a boxing game that allows spectators to participate. Importantly, Raiki should have a ripple effect throughout the entire gaming sector as more developers get acquainted with the Lightning Networks' unique capabilities. For now, the gaming sector just got a jolt.