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Bitfury Lightning Network Vending Machines

Lightning network vending machines just became one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to the ingenuitive minds behind the Bitfury coffee machine. This device enables Lightning Network users the ability to pay for a hot cup-of-joe directly from their LN-enabled mobile wallet. The move signals a shift in strategies by Lightning Network developers. Until recently, software development was the primary driving force in the sector. Bitfury is now pushing into hardware integration.

Lightning Peach is the development team behind the revolutionary product. As it stands, the development team has no plans to take their coffee creation public. Instead, the developers created the Lightning Network-enabled coffee maker to test their hardware theories regarding the feasibility and costs of such a venture.

Lightning Network Vending Machines – Bitfury Coffee Maker

The developers created this device by utilizing a smart-enabled coffee maker and then adding a unique hardware interface. Since the smart coffee maker already communicated with the internet, it made the entire process much more manageable. In a recent interview, the team's community head, Vasyl Gygorovych, explained that his team's focus is on developing a real-world infrastructure for Bitcoin.

What Would a Lightning Network Vending Machine Require?

To make their proposal a reality, Lightning Peach developers integrated a micro Raspberry Pi computer with a custom-made circuit board. This integration allowed the device to communicate with the Lightning Network directly. The project successfully proved that Lightning Network vending machines can operate consistently and safely.

Lightning Peach via Twitter

Lightning Peach via Twitter

Pavel Prikhodko, the head developer of the project, envisions a day when these Lighting Network microchips are installed on vending machines globally. The devices have the potential to provide consumers with a more natural option than credit or debit cards. Additionally, crypto payments are much cheaper to process because they do not require third-party oversight.

Lightning Network Vending Machine Chips

Developers are now looking to improve upon their chip's design. If the team can create these chips at an affordable rate, it could lead to a strong demand from interested business owners. Businesses showed growing interest in cryptocurrencies this year, as the market continues to see increased development in the Distributed App (Dapp) sector.

The hardware is easy to use and requires little know-how of the inner workings of the blockchain. Just scan a QR code and the machine with your phone, and the device will automatically connect to your Bitcoin wallet and deduct two dollars for your cup of coffee.

Lightning Coffee

The Lightning Network permits Bitcoin users to send and receive microtransactions without paying the currently ridiculous transfer fees. Bitfury's latest developments are sure to push both firms forward in the eyes of Bitcoiners. The only downside is that the single working prototype sits in Bitfury's office, so unless you’re an employee, you are going to have to go to Starbucks like everyone else.

What do you guys think? Can The Lightning Network wake up the vending community? Let us know in the comments below.