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How to Join The Lightning Network Community




The Lightning Network Community

As the Lightning Network continues to expand, there is also a growing demand by interested individuals to stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments within the community. The Lightning Network is one of the most important crypto projects currently in the works, and Bitcoiners from across the globe are looking towards this off-chain solution to push Bitcoin adoption to the next level.

While websites such as this one are the perfect way to stay up to date with developments as they occur, users can take their interests a step further by joining one of the many Lightning Network communities currently in place. These platforms allow you to share your thoughts, experiences, and future aspirations with other likeminded Lightning Network participants. Your ideas can become part of the development plans for the network in the future when you express your thoughts on these platforms.

Lightning Network Community Blog

The Lightning Network community blog helps you to stay up to date on all the networks developments. You can easily track software release dates and protocol specification changes from this blog. The blog is used by all the major Lightning Network developers.  You can be among the first to know of any Lightning Network changes. The platform includes a library of helpful information in the form of old posts.

Lightning Network Twitter Account

Social media is an excellent way to remain at the cutting edge of Lightning Network development. Lightning Labs operates a well-informed social media account. The account shares and posts all things Lightning Network related. You can find shared posts from Lapp developers and other interesting reads on this Twitter. You can even speak with members of the Lightning Labs development team here.

Lightning Labs via Twitter

Lightning Labs via Twitter

Lightning Network Mailing List

The Lightning Network mailing list keeps you in the loop on the most current issues encountered by Lightning Network developers. There is an archive that allows you to search through a vast catalog of older posts as well. Subscribing is free and only requires you input your email and name. If you got what it takes to become a developer for the project, this is a smart way to keep informed.

LND Developer Community on Slack

The Slack message board platform is hugely popular. The platform allows Lightning Network developers to communicate and coordinate efforts in real time. The LND development community continues to stay active on this platform. Slack makes it very easy to communicate with other developers and the entire community as a whole. You will need to register for an account prior to joining the conversation. Luckily, the platform is free to join.

Lightning Labs Blog

The Lightning Labs blog features a ton of helpful technical articles. You can learn about Lapp programming architecture, Neutrino, and the latest v0.5-beta release in this blog. The information provided is geared toward developers. If you are on the fence about the feasibility of a new Lightning Network concept, here you can really find some insight into the capabilities of the revolutionary protocol.

The Lightning Network Community – Spreading the Light

The Lightning Network's rate of development wouldn't be possible without the contributions of so many developers from across the globe. There is a real demand to free Bitcoin from scalability concerns and usher in a new age of Bitcoin functionality.

These five platforms exemplify the spirit of the Lightning Network community, but they are not the only ones. Every day more people are turning to the Lightning Network to guide them into a more fruitful crypto experience.