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The Zap Wallet is Giving Lightning Network Users More Functionality




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Great news for BTC Zap wallet users as the company's founder Jack Mallers recently tweeted out some exciting new features which have been added to the platform.  Zap is an open-source Lightning Network wallet that enables users to send transactions across the BTC blockchain or through personal LN payment portals.

This helpful LApp has seen growing adoption in the marketplace since it was introduced by Jack in early 2017.  The concept of the Zap wallet is unique in that it was created using an open source development policy and it provides users with free transactions.  This was decided upon because it allows Zap to be free from corporate interests.

New Features

Zap Wallet New Features

Zap Wallet New Features

Zap's development team has managed to build upon the LN to give the wallet some truly unique features in the market.  Users can now enjoy “Zap Connect” which integrates QR code scan functionality into the platform.  This feature allows you to connect to your home PC's LN node from your cell phone.  This is a handy feature to have and it allows you to connect to any LN node simply by scanning the QR code.

LN iMessage

If scanning a QR code is not to your liking, you can always send an LN iMessage invoice.  This feature really makes the Zap wallet stand out amongst the competition.   Send your invoice via text and the recipient can make payment by simply clicking the link provided.  Best of all, there’s no fee and your transactions are near instantaneous.

Zap – Helping to Solve Scalability Issues

Zap is pioneering innovation in the LN sector and this latest development is already getting rave reviews from users.  The community approach to the project is commendable and stays directly aligned with the decentralized nature of BTC.

LApps on the Horizon

As the LN continues to wrap up its Beta testing stage, developers are now starting to enter the market in droves.  This month has already seen the release of numerous LN enabled wallets.  Each of these platforms brings something unique to the cryptospace and helps to forward LN adoption along.

The LN is Shining

The LN reduces BTC scalability issues by providing users with an off chain solution.  Users are able to open private payment portals that do not reside on the blockchain.  Unlimited transactions can be sent and received within these personal payment portals.  The transactional data is then added to the blockchain once the portal is closed.

In addition to reducing blockchain congestion, the LN also adds new functionality to BTC such as the ability to utilize smart contracts.  Second layer protocols are popular in the cryptospace and many Bitcoinist believe that LN appears is the solution to BTC's current scalability concerns.

Zapped with Lightning

Zap is providing users with a more efficient means by which to utilize the LN and their community-driven perspective is reflected in the project's innovative spirit.  If you would like to become one of the developers for this project you can find their GitHub here.


What do you guys think?  Are you a developer that can help the LN community?  Let us know in the comments below.