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LNP / BP Connect First Rust Lightning Network Node




CoinCorner Integrates Lightning Network

This week marked another major milestone for the Lightning Network as the LNP / BP association successfully connected a node and opened a Lightning channel using a different programming language. Notably, the node was completley built using Rust. As such, it opens the doors for more flexibility for Bitcoin developers moving forward.

Notably, the Rust language has been used to create a Lightinng Network specific version called Rust Lighting in 2019. At that time the project was developed in by the Rust Bitcoin Community. They partnered with the popular payment processor, Square Crypto as part of this strategy. Rust Lighting is currently available under Apache 2.0 or MIT licenses. This particular implementation differed in that Rust was used directly.

LNP BP Association - Rust Node Developers

LNP BP Association – Rust Node Developers

Notably, the Rust node was connected to another node that used the c-lightning implementation. C-lightning is a programming language developed for the Lightning Network utilizing the C language. C-lighting was one of the first LN-coding languages and was put forth by Blockstream in 2018. Notably, this language is known to be highly modular which makes it easier for developers to work with.


Éclair is another popular Lightning Network programming language. This Scala implementation of the Lightning Network was developed by ACINQ and released in 2018. The protocol enables secure and scalable node architecture. Éclair was the first langauge to support native mobile implementation and launched alongside the first light-client LN-wallet.


Ind is a Lightning Network programming language that has also seen adoption. This coding was developed by Lightning Labs in Go and is currently available to developers under the MIT license. The main attribute of lnd is its developer-centric approach. The coding operates as a stand-alone daemon that is packed with developer features.


This latest Lightning Network code entry was spearheaded by LNP / BP. This development team lists Dr. Maxim Orlovsky, as the main developer of the project. The goal of the project is to provide new development opportunites to the Bitcoin network.

Rust Brings New opportunities

Discussing the  project, developer Francisco Calderon spoke on the added capabilities the coding brings to the table. He explained that Rust will enable Lightning Network users to create complex smart contracts without using a parallel chain. It will also open the door for Bitcoin-based tokens and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).


Calderon also touched on Bifrost which is touted as the next generation Lightning Network by its creators. This second layer protocol will enable private transactions, increase security, and lower fees for the average Bitcoin user. The new system supports Taproot, RGB assets, multi-user channels, discrete registration contracts (DLC), and various other advanced features previously unavailable to Bitociners.

A Smart Move By LNP / BP – Rust

Bitcoiners are eager for more features and services. The introduction of Rust to the Lightning Network ecosystem expands developer opporutnities and makes it easy for an entirely new set of users to find opporutinties. You should keep a close eye on these developments as it could help catapult Bitcoin's value further upward. At the very least, the Rust implementation demonstrates the contiued growth of the lightning network.