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FileBazaar : Lightning Apps are Upon US




The innovative development team at Blockstream has released their first of six planned Lightning Network apps (Lapps) today.  Blockstream has been a huge supporter of the Lightning Network movement and to commemorate the epic release of this new protocol, Blockstream has promised to release one new LApp a day for the next 5-days straight.  Their latest release, the FileBazaar app, was introduced early this morning to an excited cryptocommunity.


The FileBazaar platform utilizes the Lightning Networks personal payment channels to enable web content creators greater control over how their content generates revenue.  FileBazaar developers wanted to give the content control back to the people that created it with the institution of this new platform.

Unlike current content creation websites such as YouTube, content developers would not be forced to rely solely on ad revenues.  FileBazaar allows content creators to function independently online without having to bow to the needs of advertisers on their chosen platform.

FileBazaar – How it Works

FileBazaar is all about giving more control to both the developers and the users of the platform.  FileBazaar content creators are provided with a myriad of content control options that allows them to better communicate with their patrons by supporting direct lines of communication.

Users are given more flexibility on the platform as well.  A user can easily access any content creator on the platform they wish and interact with them directly.  This will allow users to get their content specifically designed to suit their needs, thereby eliminating much of the current costs of conducting content creation related tasks.

Blocksteam Seeks to Lead the Lightning Charge

Blockstream's development team is looking to position their firm perfectly for the day the completed Lightning Network goes live.  They have been quietly developing Lapps for months and now that the Lightning Network is already in its Beta testing stages, it appears that Blockstream is ready to make their move.

Not everyone was happy about Blockstream's decision to push into the Lightning Network protocol so early and there have been a few major crypto developers who have taken to social media to criticize this firm for their supposed “lack of patience”.  While there have been some in the community that apparently does not support the new protocol, the overwhelming response has been one of sheer excitement.

The BTC community has been hungry for the implementation of the Lightning Network to help alleviate blockchain congestion, reduce fees, and decrease transaction times.  Many believe the Lightning Network is the answer to these crypto-woes and even before its Beta release, cryptonians from around the globe were already creating Lightning Nodes to help support the new protocol.

What do you think Bitcoiners?  Is Blockstream jumping the gun or are they simply preparing for the inevitable?  Let us know in the comments below.