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Blockstream Greenlight Goes Live Driving LN Expansion




Greenlight goes Live

Blockstream, one of the core development teams pioneering the Lightning Network infrastructure, recently unveiled a new toolset designed to streamline enterprise-level LN integration. GreenLight operates as an open-source LN builders toolkit. The goal of the project is to streamline the technical roadblocks to LN adoption.

Lightning-as-a-Service (LaaS)

The LaaS approach provides major benefits for businesses seeking to leverage the Lightning network's unique capabilities to save on fees and more. The LaaS infrastructure leverages years of research and testing to ensure the new system doesn’t reduce performance or security on Dapps.

How GreenLight Works

The Greenlight toolkit runs on the streamlined Core Lightning implementation which makes it possible to improve scalability through compartmentalization of processes. The new setup breaks LN node operations into smaller tasks which can then be divided up between the parties involved.


Greenlight Live

Greenlight Live

The core operational aspects of the network are handed over to Blockstream which has a team of professionals to handle these tasks. This structure is ideal for businesses that don’t have the time and resources to learn how to handle these operations on their own. 

Blockstream's Greenlight structure is conducive to further functionality and adoption because it frees up resources for developers. Blockstream's professional team handles the back end which helps to add convenience without degrading security or operational capabilities.

Non-Custodial Options Shine

One of the biggest advantages to the Greenlight systems is that they enable developers to create non-custodial dapps much easier. In the past, these applications required much more programming than custodial options. However, non-custodial protocols provide a higher level of security to users. Additionally, non-custodial platforms reduce liability and operational costs to develop. 

Keys Remain in User Control

Part of this strategy leverages the Validating Lightning Signer (VLS) protocol with the goal of providing secure end-to-end verification. Developers can integrate Greenlight systems through secure API portals which adds to the convenience.

Advanced Node Management Features

Managing multiple Lightning Network nodes can be a time-consuming task for businesses seeking to leverage the off-chain protocol. Greenlight offers businesses multiple options to consider including on-demand and around-the-clock options to fit your needs.

Easy Offboarding

Another cool feature is the ease at which a firm can take its nodes and begin self-hosting if desired. The node offboarding process is quick and easy which makes it always an option for businesses as they expand their LN footprint.

Liquidity Management Services at Your Fingertips

There are some cool liquidity management services that need to be mentioned when discussing Greenlight's advantages. For example, businesses can decide whether to integrate their own Lightning Service Provider (LSP). This flexibility allows developers to easily facilitate LN payments within their protocols.

Developers Get the Greenlight on Dapps

The Greenlight toolset reduces the risk and liability to developers when creating helpful programs for the community. This reduced workload, coupled with easier development, ensures that the Lightning Network's programming sector will continue to expand for the foreseeable future. For these reasons and more, you should expect to see a steady stream of firms entering the LN market in the coming weeks.