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Mash Partners with TFTC

The popular Lightning Network-powered Bitcoin wallet provider, Mash, raised eyebrows this week with the announcement of a strategic partnership with the Bitcoin-focused podcast platform TFTC. The partnership includes a full upgrade to TFTC accompanied by the introduction of a new suite of monetization, growth, and engagement tools. 

Tools to Drive Engagement

The partnership is designed to help relieve the market from the current advertiser and subscription-based models in use. These models have proven to skew content and result in a less enjoyable experience for the user. Mash and TFTC introduce new solutions to online media monetization that leverage the Lightning Networks micro-payment capabilities to offer additional earning opportunities for all parties.


The new reactions feature enables users to add their reactions to valuable content. the system is unique in that users can add their reactions to any part of the content including specific paragraphs. The reactions are displayed on the main page which makes adding them as easy as possible.

Mash Add Reactions

Mash Add Reactions

TFTC Gets Re-Imagined

At the core of the new features is the upgraded TFTC platform. The new version enables users to directly comment on content via memes, images, and even animation. These options are available in a variety of free and paid-for solutions to meet the community's needs.

Curated Content By Professionals

Part of the new strategy introduces a host of highly curated content. The platform has announced partnerships with some highly reputable authors including Parker Lewis, Jordan Schachtel, and Whitney Webb, to name a few. This maneuver helps to ensure that only the finest content makes it to the public.

Mash Exclusive Content

TFTC wants to leverage a host of exclusive content to help drive adoption. They have always provided valuable insight into the crypto community. However, the platform intends to branch out into other topics to meet the demands of its growing user base. Consequently, the new system makes it easier to expand content while remaining within the platform's quality guidelines.

Drive Engagement

Discussing the partnership and what it means for the average user, Marty Bent, TFTC's co-founder explained why the new system is vital to the market. He spoke on how the new services will drive engagement and improve revenue for users and content providers in a secure manner.

Automated Revenue Sharing Model

An automated revenue-sharing model ensures that all parties receive their rewards in a timely fashion. The system reduces human interaction which improves responsiveness and trackability while reducing errors. Now, Mash and TFTC users can secure rewards and earn by providing reactions, voting, and making donations to worthy causes.

Mash Meme Economy

Another cool feature that the partnership introduces is the ability to secure rewards for engagements including memes. Memes have been, and remain, one of the best ways to capture the sentiment of the population in a humorous manner. Memes bring joy and spread smiles. Now they can also bring you rewards.

Mash Limited Beta Launches

The limited beta will launch this month which will give both firms time to test the scalability and other vital components before the official launch. Once the team is confident in the stability and performance of the platform, the rest of the Lighting Network community can start to leverage these tools to drive ROIs. Notably, Mash seeks to expand their beta launch to more publishers in the coming weeks. Interested parties can join the waitlist