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Mash and TFTC Initiative Reveals More Features




The popular crypto podcast TFTC and Lighting Wallet provider MASH recently partnered up to improve user engagement in a major way. The upgrades added some new features including a unique tipping model that enabled users to provide tips to paragraphs in addition to the entire post. Notably, these features have already been integrated with success. 

The decision to expand the TFTC user base and improve engagement was met with praise from the Lightning network community. This month saw the release of additional features worth mentioning. These options focus on improving usability and onboarding for new users. Here’s some valuable insight into the TFTC upgrade and what it could mean for you.

Smart QR

If you have ever sent crypto using a regular address you can attest to it being a somewhat stressful scenario for new users. In the best scenarios, you can copy and paste the address but if not, you will need to write out the long and often confusing address without error or risk losing your funds forever. These concerns have led more dapps to integrate QR scanners to pay and receive funds with a single scan.

Example of 3D Barcode - TFTC Adds New Features

Example of 3D Used by QR Scanners Barcode – TFTC Adds New Features

No App Store Needed

The decision to eliminate the app stores from the equation was a bold but smart move on the team's part. The very essence of cryptocurrency is to facilitate open direct P2P engagements and transactions. Eliminating the usual dapp providers from the equation improves decentralization and access for all.

Anyone can download and install the protocol on their smart device directly from the web page. This strategy helps to reduce big tech’s influence and ensures that you can always access the Dapp even if the regulatory climate or views change in your region on digital assets.

Lightning Address

All users can receive a Lightning Address when they join TFTC. The address reduces the costs and transaction times for Bitcoin considerably. The network integrates the MASH Wallet. The MASH Wallet is a highly interoperable platform that has proven to be secure and easy to navigate. Keenly, all the core functionality is available directly from the splash screen.

Personalize Your Experiences

It's not often that you get to personalize your crypto experience. Most networks give you a long string of numbers like a prisoner to identify who you are on the blockchain forever. MASH and TFTC introduce the use of custom names and avatars to improve your experience.

Additional Features

These add-ons are part of a larger publisher monetization toolkit that can help you get the most from your posts. Drive engagement and learn different ways to monetize your efforts using these tips and systems. These features demonstrate how creating new engagement opportunities is at the forefront of TFTC’s movement.

Mash and Bitcoin Podcast TFTC – Innovative Ways to Drive Adoption

You gotta hand it to this project for having a well-timed strategy. It’s sure to inspire more platforms to leverage blockchain technology to improve their user engagement and earning opportunities. As such, you can expect to see more from this team as they continue to expand their offerings in the coming months.