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Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move




Lightning Torch 2.0 is Live

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch concept for another go. Just like the original torch, the Lightning Torch 2.0 has already traveled around the globe. To date, the torch has been in over 40 counties in just over four days. The news symbolizes another push towards educating people on the advantages of this unique off-chain protocol.

Importantly, The Lightning Torch 2.0 started exactly one year from the date of the original social experiment. Unlike the original, the Lightning Network is much larger nowadays. As such, this torch is making some serious headway. Already over 95 torchbearers have handled this iconic digital flame.

Lightning Torch History

The original Lighting Torch concept started when one of the most popular Bitcoiners, Hodlonaut decided he wanted to showcase the functionality and community aspect of the second-layer protocol. The ingenuitive programmer decided it was best to utilize the app to accomplish his hefty goal of creating a virtual crypto flame to be passed globally.

Hodlonaut Lights the Lightning Torch 2.0 via Twitter

Hodlonaut Lights the Lightning Torch 2.0 via Twitter

The first Lightning Torch accomplished its task marvelously. By the time the torch had stopped its rotations, it had become one of the most exciting community experiments ever to take place in the space. As part of the experiment, each person who handled the torch would add 10,000 Satoshis to the balance before they passed it along to the next person. Importantly, the torch ended with a donation to people in need in Venezuela.

Lightning Torch 2.0 – Crypto Stars

As previously reported, the original Lightning Torch made its way into the hands of some of the best-known crypto stars. These stars included such heavyweights as Jack Dorsey, Charlie Shrem, Justin Sun, Elizabeth Stark, and WhalePanda, just to name a few. Now, the Lightning Torch 2.0 is ready to take the spotlight.

On the Move

Despite being a sequel, the Lightning Torch 2.0 has seen significant participation. In just the last three days the torch passed from India, Laos, and Bulgaria. Currently, the torch resides in Japan. Most importantly, more people want to be participants in this unique social experiment.

How to Get the Lightning Torch 2.0

For those interested in receiving the Lightning Torch, there is some good news. You can easily search for the torch's whereabouts simply with the LNTrustChain2 hashtag on crypto twitter. Once you locate the torch, you can request to receive the virtual heirloom via Just be prepared to add your 10,000 Satoshis and pass the torch on to continue the chain in a timely fashion.

LN Community is Bigger than Ever Before

The resurgence of the Lightning Torch is just another example of the growing Lightning Network community. Unlike the first torch, the Lightning Network is far larger than before. Importantly, the network now includes a host of new firms, developers, merchants, and exchanges. Consequently, this torch has the potential to reach even greater heights than the previous experiment.

For now, the Lightning Community awaits their chance to handle this iconic piece of crypto history.