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Lightning Torch

On January 19, 2019, long time Bitcoinist Hodlonaut began a social experiment dubbed “Lightning Torch” to test the capabilities and UX experience of the Network. Aside from proving the stability and ease of use gained from the Lightning Network, the project also shows the high level of integrity within the Lightning Network community.

Lightning Torch

The Lightning Torch concept is based on the Olympic torch concept in which individuals pass on the torch and keep the flame lit indefinitely. The project started off with Hodlonaut sending 10,000 Satoshis to another trusted Lightning Network community member. In turn, this individual added 10,000 Satoshis and forwarded the torch.

Passing the Light

Today the Lightning Torch program is a huge deal within the cryptocommunity. This iconic crypto torch was held by some of the biggest names in the industry. Last week Erik VoorheesShapeShift's CEO, became the 178th unique user to handle the torch. Prior to Voorhees, Tron's Founder, Justin Sun, had the torch. Before Sun, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao held the coveted position of torchbearer.

In total, the torch has been passed 187 times. Most of those privileged enough to handle this iconic crypto torch are well-known to the cryptocommunity, but not all. Its rumored the next in line to handle the torch is an 88-year old grandmother of crypto advocate lbelite. If lbelite succeeds in getting his granny elected as the latest recipient of this honor, it would signal a coming of age for the entire network.

lbelite Grandma via Twitter

lbelite Grandma via Twitter

In the past, analysts noted difficulties in setting up Lightning Network wallets as one of the main hindrances to mass scale adoption of this revolutionary protocol. Now, if an 88-year old grandma can easily pass the Lightning Torch it shows the world that cryptocurrency as a whole is ready for the next stages of adoption.

In response to these concerns, developers have been hard at work creating new and easier to use wallet options for future Lightning Network users. Today, there are more LN-enabled wallet options than ever before. Most of these new wallets share the common goal of a more robust UX.

Social Integrity

The Lightning Torch experiment continues to gain momentum within the cryptospace. It's pretty awesome that the torch has been passed almost two-hundred times without any disruptions. This uninterrupted flow of Satoshis shows that the real value of the Lightning Network is its community.

A Global Lightning Network

The Lightning Network community has never been so big. Thankfully, getting involved in the Lightning Network community is easy. Users can join any number of groups, social media, slack channels and GitHub. You can find a list of the easiest ways to get involved here.

Lightning Strikes Again

The Lightning Network continues on the path towards a full-scale release. This last month saw this second layer protocol reach new heights in terms of volume and average transaction amounts. Now, the Lightning Network has the confidence of the cryptocommunity behind it.