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Two Scoops of Lightning




Three college students from San Francisco have decided to step up and do their part to help integrate the Lightning Network into Bitcoin transactions.  These students have come up with an innovative way to combine two of your favorite pastimes, crypto and ice cream with the hopes of helping to facilitate more Lightning Network adoption.  The team's concept is called Block and Jerry's and what makes it so special is the fact that all transactions are run through the BTC Lightning Network.

The Company's co-founder, Rob Durst was quoted speaking on the reasons for the team's decision to make all transactions through the Lightning Network protocol.  This innovative group has stated that they hope their efforts help to introduce more people to the decentralized economy by providing them with an easy way to see cryptocurrency in use.

“Just A Bunch of Guys”

According to the co-founder of this unique concept, they are just a bunch of guys who are interested in cryptocurrencies and developing applications for their use.  This is evident in the team’s decision to develop a blockchain-based application exclusively for their ice cream store customers to use.  The team has also created an in-depth guide on how to start using the Lightning Network to lower your BTC transaction fees.

Your Money is No Good Here Sir!

This is truly a Lightning Network project as you cannot purchase any of their delicious ice cream with any other cryptocurrency.  In fact, you cannot even buy their ice cream using fiat currency, including credit cards.  The developers of this project are a part of an elite group of individuals who have decided to brave the waters to help work out any potential kinks still found in the Lightning Network.

Elegant Simplicity

You can tell from the tone of the developers that the goal of the project is simplicity.  The entire application is based around making the process as smooth as possible for people who may have never used cryptocurrencies before.  The concept is an experiment into the marketability of a blockchain-only business.

Testing Stages

Not everyone is onboard with the team's decision to use the Lightning Network while it is still in the development stages and there has been some kickback from Lightning Network developers that are worried that their protocol is not fully ready to be unveiled to the public.  Elizabeth Stark, the CEO of Lightning Labs was one of these individuals and she was quoted discussing the potential for lost crypto when using the network in its unfinished state.

More Lightning Network Support

The Lightning Network has seen considerable growth over the last month, with the total number of nodes on the network are just shy of 1000 at the time of writing this.  This is a significant increase over February's numbers and the total percentage of BTC transactions now utilizing the Lightning Network protocol has increased from around 8% in January to its current rate of 30%.

Much of this growth came after the first successful use of the Lightning Network earlier in the month.  The Lightning Network continues to be thrust back into the spotlight as developer race to deliver a quality product to the hungry masses of Bitcoiners who are yearning for those days of minimal transaction costs and almost instant transfers.

What do you think Coinologists?  Would you risk a couple Satoshis to help further Lightning Network adoption?  Let us know in the comments below.