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LQwD – The First LN-Powered Project to Go Public




LQwD - First Lightning Network Powered Firm to Go Public

This week marked a major milestone for the Lightning Network as the Canadian-firm LQwD became the first publicly listed Lightning Network company. The maneuver demonstrates the continued expansion of the network and a maturing of the protocol that has been in Beta testing for over 2 years. According to company documentation, LQwD's mission is to further the use and integration of Lightning Network services and features in the market.

The company has stated publicly that they see Bitcoin as a revolutionary invention. They believe that the extent of the long-term impact of Bitcoin on society won’t be fully known for years. As such, they intend to position the firm in a manner that opens up vast opportunities to the market for both regular users and businesses.

The Drive to Introduce the Lightning Network

LQwD’s website explains the company’s goal to acquire new, emerging tech businesses that have the potential to expedite Lightning Network adoptions. To accelerate its growth, the firm seeks to provide enterprise-grade infrastructure, tools, and liquidity. Additionally, the company will work hand-in-hand with LN-based startups to ensure their success. In this way, LQwD follows through on its commitment to expand the Lightning Network's digital payments and financial services on a global scale.

LQwD - Homepage

LQwD – Homepage

LQwD is headquartered in Canada. The Firm currently has stocks listed on multiple stock exchanges including TSX Venture Exchange and the OTCQB. Notably, the company trades under the ticker TSXV:LQWD, OTCQB: LQWDF. LQwD FinTech Corp was created with the goal to support the development of advanced software infrastructure to support new growth and usage of the Lightning Network.

VISA-Level Transaction Throughput

Specifically, the firm has launched multiple payment rails built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that are capable of Visa-level transaction volumes. In this way, businesses can begin to accept LN payments with ease. Notably, The LQwD software suite also enables users to create and host their own payment rails.

The entire project is secure, scalable, and cloud-based. The intuitive interface allows anyone to create, monitor, and manage LN nodes like never before. You can send micropayments globally in seconds using the network. Additionally, the protocol introduces a powerful API that provides a secure connection to network nodes. In this way, LQwD has managed to remove the technical barriers from Lightning Network Adoption.

The Plan is in Motion

Notably, LQwD has laid out a precise strategy to achieve its goals. The network has set up particular milestones along the journey to ensure that all aspects of the project remain trackable. Together with their new payment rails, businesses and users can enter the Lightning Network in a streamlined fashion without risk.

LQwD – The Start of a Major Trend

You have to hand it to the team behind LQwD. They have gone above and beyond to raise Lightning Network awareness.  As their plan continues, it should help to strengthen consumer confidence and overall participation levels in the Lightning Network. In this way, LQwD now plays a vital role in the Lightning Network ecosystem. You can expect to hear more from this ingenuitive team as more of their products and features become publicly available in the coming weeks.