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LQWD and Amboss Push LN Institutional Adoption




LQWD Teams up With Amboss to Drive Liquidity

LQWD Technologies recently announced a strategic partnership with Amboss designed to enhance the performance and accessibility of Lightning Network payments to enterprise clientele. The maneuver could get more businesses onboard as it provides them with the ability to make large Bitcoin payments more efficiently.

Liquidity is King

LQWD will enhance Amboss' liquidity marketplace with the goal open the door for larger clientele via more capable payment channels. The maneuver will provide LQWD with some significant upsides including the ability to earn rewards from current and future LN users.

Source - LQWD

Source – LQWD

Additionally, as one of the largest liquidity channel holders, LQWD will be a top option for large payments. Consequently, there is a high potential that LQWD channels capture significant transaction volume from the business community. Notably, the firm plans to add 10 Bitcoins in liquidity at a 5.57% APR to start. From there, the company will assess progress before adding another tranche of Bitcoin to the market. The goal is to make Amboss the premier liquidity market and drive ROIs thanks to LN fees.

LN Payment Channels

This strategy makes sense when you examine the Lightning Network's structure. This off-chain protocol relies on pre-funded payment channels to ensure liquidity and validity. Users open channels by funding them up to the amount they need to process. If the node operator acts maliciously, they forfeit these funds.

The problem with this arrangement in the past is that it's difficult to find channels that can handle massive payments. One option has been to break the payments over multiple channels called routing. However, this method involves more parties which slows processing times.

This partnership provides a reliable, high-liquidity payment channel focused specifically on big businesses. This approach should entice more businesses to integrate LN services to meet their client's demand for lower-cost crypto payments.


One of the coolest aspects of the entire partnership is that the liquidity is provided in a non-custodial manner. This structure means that LQWD remains in control over its assets while also helping to drive adoption.


Amboss is a pioneering ecosystem that includes tools for analytics, payment solutions, and other ways to integrate blockchain solutions. The platform's most popular features include a liquidity marketplace called Magma and a liquidity automation system dubbed Hydro. Amboss clients can leverage LQWD liquidity to conduct payments. Amboss hopes to use this added liquidity to attract higher-quality clients, while LQWD can build up rewards as more enterprise-level users enter the ecosystem.

Enhance Efficiency

The CEO of LQWD,  Shone Anstey, spoke publicly on the new partnership and what it could potentially mean for enterprise adoption. Anstey discussed how the lower fees and faster payments improve the user experience and make the ecosystem more efficient.


LQWD Technologies is an enterprise-grade Lightning Network infrastructure provider that continues to drive innovation. Notably, the project was the first publicly traded Bitcoin Lightning Network company.

More Liquidity For Users

This synergistic relationship should help entice more businesses to save on their crypto payments in the coming months. Both LQWD and Amboss have quality reputations and this latest venture should continue that legacy while providing a valuable and profitable service to the LN community.

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