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Lightning Authenticator Tool is Now Active –




Lightning Authenticator Tool is Now Active -

Lightning Network users just got a boost in security and privacy following the release of the Lightning Authenticator tool. This innovative Lapp allows users to verify their identity with the Lightning Network, instead of with Google or Facebook. The news showcases a further expansion of Lightning Network functionality and a desire for more privacy in the market.

Currently, the Lightning Network Authenticator is available at This website features a wide array of Lightning apps or Lapps. Here, you can find anything from fun games and casinos, all the way to payment platforms.

Lightning Authenticator

The Lightning Authenticator is the brainchild of longtime Lightning Network developer, Rui Gomes. Currently, Gomes is the Lead Software Engineer at the Bitcoin payments processor – OpenNode.

Gomes envisions a day when the Lightning Authenticator tool is the premier authentication service available. This day could be fast approaching as the decentralized internet age, Web3, becomes a reality. For now, Gomes's new platform provides a more secure way to produce a Proof-of-Identity. Also, the new system doesn’t require any third-parties. Consequently, it's more streamlined.

Lightning Authenticator Developer Rui Gomes

Lightning Authenticator Developer Rui Gomes

In a recent interview, Gomes explained why his new product was such a game-changer. He described the current state of online authentication processes. He explained that the current services trade your privacy for an easier UX. Lightning Authentication eliminates these concerns because it doesn't give up any personal information.

Additionally, Gomes spoke on the incentivization to keep your personal information private. Basically, you are more careful with your personal information when it connects directly to your financial detail. He explained that the new platform aligns the practices of protecting your identity and your money (Bitcoin).

How Lightning Authentication Works

The way the Lightning Authenticator works is simple. The platform uses your unique Lightning Network Node-ID as the verification. Consequently, any individual may prove their identity without the use of traditional methods such as a government ID, email, or social media accounts. In this manner, the node provides users with the highest level of security and privacy available.

Sim Jacking

Using Lightning Authentication makes sense when you consider the alternatives. The most popular authenticator in use today is the Google Authenticator. This is an app that links your Google account to the new platform. In theory, only someone with access to your Google account can see the code.

While this system is more effective than not having a verification program in place, it still is susceptible to sim hacks. In a sim hack scenario, a malicious actor hijacks your cell phone sim information. Now the hacker has full access to your verification programs.

Sadly, sim hacking is on the rise. In one particularly well-published attack, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey saw his mobile device compromised by a hacking group known as the Chuckling Squad.

Get Started – Lightning Authenticator

Lighting Authentication is free to sign up for on Once your account is active, you can generate invoices easily. Each invoice only costs 1 Satoshi ($0.00008) to create.

Lightning Authenticator is Here to Stay

The Lightning Network continues to expand the functionality and usefulness of Bitcoin. This latest development is sure to put crypto user’s minds at ease, as well as, further adoption.