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Litenite Game

Thanks to the innovative minds behind the Litenite platform, your dreams of getting paid to play video games are one step closer. The game utilizes a combination of technology to enable users to earn Bitcoin for their interactions. The news symbolizes a fundamental shift in the gaming market.

News of the release came during a statement at Berlin’s yearly Lightning Conference. Additionally, the designers of this innovative platform, Satoshis.Games released a medium post in which the firm described the concept in more detail.

According to developers, Litenite has a 2021 release date. The game features a futuristic battle arena where players must take each other out to be the victor. Every time a player shoots another player, they earn Bitcoin. Reversely, you lose Satoshis if you get hit.

Litenite via Elixer

Litenite via Elixer

Basically, every in-game interaction signals a monetary reward. Consequently, players earn or lose Bitcoin based on their performance. Aside from earning Bitcoin when you take out the competition, you also stack sats when you pick up items from fallen players or solve in-game puzzles.

Multi-Platform Approach – Litenite

Unlike other crypto titles released to date, Satoshis.Games plans to release this game across multiple platforms. The firm stated that once the Lightning Network completes Beta testing that company executives seek to launch the game on a multitude of gaming platforms. These gaming platforms include PlayStation,, Steam, and Elixer, the latter choice being Satoshi.Games’ native platform.

Elixer Game Platform

The Elixer gaming portal transforms any PC into a Lighting enabled gaming platform. The platform hosts a full marketplace with a wide variety of Bitcoin-based games to play. These games include titles such as the RPG Wander Dice, a Duck hunt clone LN Hunt, and many more.

Elixer is unique because it allows game developers to fund their efforts via their games. In fact, all parties that participate in Elixer earn crypto for their contributions. This strategy brings gamers directly into the development process. Additionally, it allows developers to better gauge public response towards a title.

Crypto or Fiat Options

Litenite will be available to all online players, regardless of if they are Bitcoin users or not. Users can choose to go with the Bitcoin integrated version or a fiat counterpart. In a statement, designers admitted that it was a bit too early to make the game solely reliant on Bitcoin microtransactions. Unfortunately, crypto adoption isn’t to that point yet and developers didn’t want to leave any players out of the fun.

Litenite Micropayment

Litenite uses Lightning Network micropayments to initiate your account. The only requirement to play is that you have a Lightning Network-enabled wallet linked to your account.

Get in Early – Litenite

If you are one of those gamers that need to be at the forefront of the gaming world, you can preorder Litenite directly from The game has unlimited potential to upend the market. Especially, since this is the first Bitcoin powered game to see a release on multiple gaming platforms.

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