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Using Lightning Network in AI Communications – CloudSight




CloudSight using the Lightning Network to Communicate between AI platforms

The Lightning Network is providing BTC users with new functionality including the ability to once again utilize micro-transactions.  Micro-transactions can be used for more than just making purchases.  Developers have been working around the clock to research how these actions can be implemented in other business sectors.  The AI-based image analyzation platform CloudSight is pioneering this research with their latest project.


LA-based CloudSight is looking to improve upon their automated image recognition software.  The platform combines human and machine intelligence to create a unique visual understanding of images.  For example, users can send their images to the platform and it will automatically propose a detailed natural sounding description of the image.

Future AI will Use the Lightning Network to Communicate

Future AI will Use the Lightning Network to Communicate

The platform utilizes a deep-neural network and self-learning AI algorithm to continuously improve upon its responses.  Companies have long searched for this ability for many reasons.  Imagine if an eCommerce website visitor was able to upload their product photos and the descriptions were automatically filled in.  Companies such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist could benefit greatly from this technology.

The platform can even analyze video and automatically give you a synopsis of what occurred.  The AI is so advanced that it can comment on specific actions and relationships witnessed in the video.  This technology allows companies to get a true context of what is occurring in their images and video.

Next Level AI

Speaking to Coinjournal, company executives explained how the Lighting Network will enable this technology to flourish.  In its current state, AI is unable to communicate between protocols without a third-party intermediary.  The Lightning Network will allow future AI to utilize the BTC blockchain to eliminate the need for outside services.

The company's co-founder and CEO, Brad Folkens, believes that the Lighting Network will allow for pairing of other AI systems with their visual cognitive network.  This will give AI systems a greater ability to assess their environment in real-time.  In turn, this will provide AI platforms with a more efficient means in which to communicate data.

Self-Driving Cars + AI + LN

Folkens used self-driving cars as an example.  He stated that self-driving cars rely on a combination of AI-generated data to operate.  He envisions a future where these vehicles are able to share data through an interconnected network that resides on the BTC blockchain.  Cars would be able to provide valuable data between each other.  Vehicles could be then compensated for their data via automated smart contracts.

CloudSight is clearly focused on the future and by recognizing the unique capabilities provided by the LN, this firm is positioning their team for success.  AI and blockchain technology continue to find additional means of integration.  This latest venture helps to show how flexible the LN is making BTC and hopefully, in the future, there will be a continued push to integrate these revolutionary technologies for the good of all.

What do you guys think?  You can try CloudSight out here.  Let us know what you think about the platform in the comments below.