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BlueWallet Adds Apple Watch Support




BlueWallet Adds Apple Watch Support

Using the Lightning Network just got a lot easier thanks to the creative minds behind the BlueWallet. The already hugely popular Lapp allows clients to easily send and receive Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Now, Crypto heads can pay for all of their favorite items directly from their stylish Apple watch.

The Apple watch plugin is surprisingly simple to install and operate. Most importantly, you don't need any previous experience with the Lightning Network to begin using this impressive add-on. Simply, download the Lapp from the Apple store and sync your wallet. Then you are ready to start sending and receiving Satoshis with ease.

Using Your Apple Watch Lapp

Once installed, you just have to tap the BlueWallet icon on your Apple watch and you are ready to start. From this screen, you can create invoices or send Bitcoin. The watch automatically creates a 3d-bar code that confirms when your payments are received.  Once installed, a user can access the wallet and send an invoice in seconds.

The BlueWallet Apple watch plugin is the first of its kind to hit the cryptospace. This fact places BlueWallet in a class of its own and is sure to further the platforms market positioning. It will be interesting to see how long before other wallets follow suit.

BlueWallet via Apple Store

BlueWallet via Apple Store

A Better UX

The BlueWallet hit the market in December 2018. The wallet received praise from the cryptocommunity because it was one of the first zero-configuration Lightning Network wallets. Prior to zero configuration wallets, Lightning Network users had to run a full node. Setting up this node was difficult for those not technically inclined.


In the past analysts pointed to the difficulty in setting up a LN node as one of the main choke points hindering further Lightning Network adoption. In response, BlueWallet developers created a simple and easy to understand wallet that anyone can operate. Discussing the project, developers called the wallet “mum-friendly” meaning, even your mom can operate the software.

Now the BlueWallet team raised the bar even higher. Now you can send Bitcoin without even taking your phone out of your pocket. It appears that the student has become the teacher as sending Lightning Network Bitcoin is now faster, more affordable, and easier than traditional Bitcoin transactions.

Increased BlueWallet Functionality

The BlueWallet platform Continues to expand. Earlier in the year, the team added another unique feature called This feature allows BlueWallet users to send payments directly to a mobile number. Users can simply go to the web portal and submit the number and amount of Satoshis to send. The platform generates a barcode that you anyone can scan to send funds instantly.

It’s Getting Easier by The Day

BlueWallet continues to pioneer the Lightning Network landscape by providing unique and helpful features to its users. This development team has the right concept to push its platform to new heights in the coming months. You should expect to see big developments from this team as they continue to explore new concepts to further Lightning Network adoption.