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Africa to Get Solar-Powered Lightning Network Nodes




This week, Lightning Network aficionados received some exciting news from the largest continent in the world. According to initial reports, a local firm out of the region, BlockSpace Technologies Africa Inc, released a new solar-powered LN-enabled Bitcoin node system. Importantly, many parts in Africa lack the infrastructure to support a traditional node. As such, the new product could help catapult Bitcoin usage across the massive region.

The concept for this African Bitcoin campaign comes via the work of one ingenuitive developer and long time Bitcoinist, Chimezie Chuta. Chuta is no stranger to the crypto space. Currently, he operates the only Lightning Node in Nigeria. However, Chuta seeks to change this status with his advantageous venture.

Africa LN-Nodes

Surprisingly, in total, the Worlds largest content is barren of LN-nodes. According to network data, the entire continent only has 8 LN-nodes in operation at this time. There are multiple reasons for the delayed adoption within the region. For one, many parts of Africa lack the infrastructure to support internet access. In the most remote regions, electricity is even a rare resource.

LN-Node Map via Acinq Explorer

LN-Node Map via Acinq Explorer

Chuta's Africa Plan

Recognizing the need of his fellow Africans to access the emerging decentralized markets, Chuta developed a unique product to provide locals with the opportunity to participate in the Bitcoin network. Already, his firm BlockSpace Technologies Africa Inc. has come up with some exciting new products in the sector. Importantly, Chuta seeks to usher in a new age of crypto usage via the Lightning Network in Africa.

Discussing the decision, Chuta spoke on the potential upside of his strategy. He described how his firm enables the average African to become part of the Bitcoin sector. Lastly, he discussed how Bitcoin has plenty of room to penetrate the market in the coming years.

Welcome to Space

The SpaceBox is a Bitcoin and LN node kit that enables nearly anyone in the world to become part of the Bitcoin network. The product includes all the hardware and assembly instructions needed to put you in direct contact with the decentralized community. Notably, the product is a mix of some of the most popular Bitcoin products currently available.

Specifically, SpaceBox comes complete with a Raspberry Pi loaded with the Bitcoin blockchain. The mini-computer includes the open-source LN-node protocol Raspblitz as well. Additionally, the product comes with a solar panel that enables its deployment in remote regions of the continent. This last component is critical to the product's success because many parts of the country are without reliable electricity. The SpaceBox retails for 210 Naira ($541) at this time.

Chuta – A Man with a Vision

There is no doubt that Chuta's vision to provide Africans with alternatives to the traditional financial system will see success. As he explained it, Bitcoin is the best way for Africans to become financially independent. Additionally, the developer spoke on how operating an LN-channel can provide another revenue stream for users.

Crypto – Africa

Creative minds such as Chuta are what makes the Lightning Network so amazing. Hopefully, he is able to bring his vision to the market in a way that transforms Africa into a crypto hub. For now, it's nice to see how the Lightning Network is set to bring opportunity to the masses.