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A Recap of the Mediastream Week of LApps




There is no doubt that the Lightning Network has got many people in the cryptocommunity excited and just the thought of BTC payments going back to minuscule fees is enough to make crypto heads dance.  It’s not just BTC users who have been getting worked up either, developers have been quietly working on LApps over the last few months and yesterday saw the conclusion of Mediastream's week of LApps.

The development team at Mediastream made headlines this week with their decision to release their Lightning Network apps in this unique manner.  The Lightning Network has been hailed by many as the solution for BTC's current scalability issues.  This off-chain protocol utilizes personal payment channels to reduce the amount of congestion on BTC's blockchain.

The introduction of these LApps will surely continue the speedy adoption of this much-needed protocol.  Below is a brief rundown of these new platforms and how they can make your BTC experience a bit more pleasant.


Nanopos gives vendors a reliable point-of-sale system for their fixed goods.  This is extremely important because it is critical that vendors are able to accept BTC at their locations to further use and adoption in the local markets.

WooCommerce Lightning Gateway

WooCommerce is one of the largest online E-commerce solutions currently on the market.  The WooCommerce Lightning Gateway allows users to pay for their online goods through the WooCommerce protocol using the Lightning Network.  Considering the size of the WooCommerce user base, this is a really big deal.


The FileBazaar platform gives content creators more flexibility and control over their creations.  This platform allows users to upload their content and interact with their viewers on an individual basis forgoing the need for a dependency on advertising revenues.

Lightning Publisher for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used web hosting platforms in the world, so it is only right that they are part of the first string of LApps to hit the market.  The Lightning Publisher allows WordPress bloggers to provide a portion of their content.  Users may unlock their entries after making a small payment to the writer.


The Paypercall LApp gives programmers a platform to enable micropayments utilizing individual API calls.  This is a critical introduction to the market and it will allow for greater adoption across multiple exchanges.


The Ifpaytt extension is an add-on for the Paypercall Lapp that allows developers to request payments for their services through an IFTTT protocol.  This gives programmers more control over their billing and invoicing of crypto-paying clients.

Mediastream Week of LApps

You have to tip your hat to the development team at Blockstream.  They have managed to put together a really impressive roster of Lapps to usher in the Lightning Networks adoption and considering how helpful these first LApps are; it does leave you curious as to what other LApps this intuitive group has in the works.

What do you think Cryptonians?  Is the Lightning Network getting the support it deserves?  Let us know in the comments below.