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Stackpointer Solutions Links and Bitcoin via Lightning Network




Stackpointer Releases LN Integration

This week, Stackpointer Solutions upped the ante for coolest Lightning Network projects after the firm announced the integration of onto The new release allows you to bet Satoshis against your favorite opponents via an online portal. The news symbolizes continued growth in the Lightning Network ecosystem.

Importantly, the project leverages the Lighting Networks private payment channels to provide users a seamless experience. The protocol enables fast payments at a fraction of a cent. These features are sure to come in handy as is the largest online chess community in the world. Currently, the platform boasts over 46 million registered users.

Stackpointer developed some strategic partnerships along the way towards bringing the project to life. Specifically, the company chose to host the integration on the popular online gamble platform The platform has been a hit with the Bitcoin community since its inception because of its use of the Lightning Network and simple UX. Now, the platform just got one more reason for you to check it out.

Stackpointer Solutions

Stackpointer solutions entered the market with the goal to promote business continuity in operational areas. Specifically, the firm has departments in IT-infrastructure, security, blockchain services, and payment gateways. Now, the company wants to leverage its advanced security protocols and blockchain technology to bring the market some unique products in the coming months. Portal Via Homepage - Stackpointer Portal Via Homepage – Stackpointer is the most frequently visited board game website in the world. This popular online gaming portal was founded in 2007 by Erik Allebest and Jay Severson. By 2014, the platform registered over a billion games. Today the platform offers a variety of chess-related puzzles, tutorials, games, and chats. Here you can find everything you need to go from a below-average chess player, all the way to a menace on the board.

Chess + Bitcoin = The Perfect Match

It's amazing to see one of the world's oldest games become a platform to help usher in a new financial system. The reality is that the game of Chess has seen many different systems come and go since its creation in India back around 280 AD. Since the 80s chess and the computer sector have shared a lot of interests and projects. The projects range from programming and puzzle-solving, all the way to advance AI algorithms.

In a recent example of high-tech chess integration, the company DeepMind created an AI algorithm called Alphazero. The AI is so smart that it was able to teach itself to play chess at a professional level in 3.5 hours. Surprisingly, the AI worked better than expected. The AI was able to beat the current world champion chess program, Stockfish 8, in a 100-game match up. Insanely, the AI won or drew all of the 100 games.

Check It Out

Anyone interested in earning a couple of Satoshis, or sharpening up their chess skills, can head over to and use the service for free. You just select chess from the menu and input your handles to enter the bet. Hopefully, this project will spawn a bunch more blockchain-based chess projects.

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