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Sheep Tangle = Crypto + Sheep




Sheep Tangle

An innovative developer from the Czech Republic named Karel Böhm recently integrated the Lighting Network into his automated sheep feeding donations system. The concept dubbed “SheepTangle” integrates cryptocurrencies and animal protections. Most importantly, it’s an amazing example of how cryptocurrencies can better the lives of not only humans but all life on the planet.

Sheep Tangle

Sheep Tangle started in 2018 as a clever way to accept crypto donations to help his wife Kamilia raise her flock of adopted sheep. In the early days, Böhm utilized the German cryptocurrency IOTA. Hence the “tangle” part of the name. Unfortunately, a major hack left the IOTA network incapacitated. In the incident, IOTA introduced a security vulnerability into the Trinity wallet via the MoonPay integration.

It was at that time that Böhm expanded his donations to include other major cryptocurrencies. Today, the platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP and now, the Lightning Network. Since then, he has managed to keep the flock thriving thanks to the participation of kind-hearted individuals.

How Sheep Tangle Works

The Sheep Tangle concept is simple. Böhm displays QR codes in the Livestream on his YouTube channel. Those interested in donating can scan the QR code. Once the code scans, you go to a page where you can transfer crypto directly to the cause. Importantly, the platform's minimum amount is only $0.50, so anyone can afford to help out. Importantly, the feeding times are from 8 am to 8 pm to keep the herd well-rested.

SheepTangle via Twitter

SheepTangle via Twitter

Each donation activates a specially designed device that will automatically feed small snacks to the flock.  The treats release via a placed tap in a special enclosure. Currently, you can fatten the heard with alfalfa pellets. In the future, Böhm intends to diversify the menu to include a more robust selection.

Enjoy the Show – Sheep Tangle

Böhm continues to expand upon his project. Currently, there are a host of cool functionalities you can enjoy. You can even change the camera angle to ensure your four-legged companion is enjoying his snack.  In the future,  Böhm plans to integrate some bonus programs. You could collect “sheep points.” There's even a feature reported to allow you to enjoy a “raid” on the barn.

Lighting Network Wallet Integration

As part of Böhm's quest to plump-up the adopted sheep, he decided recently to integrate the Lightning Network into the system. The new Lightning Wallet feature allows people to save money on donations. Most importantly, it allows the sheep to get their tasty snack faster. Notably, since the integration, Böhm reported the most used currencies were ETH, LTC, and BTC via the Lightning Network.

Lightning Network + Good People = Change

You have to hand it to Böhm on some true creativity and a kind heart. The cryptocommunity is always ready to lend a helping hand towards a good cause. Hopefully, the news will spread far and wide and influence other developers to think of similar projects to help the environment. For now, it looks like Böhm's flock will live a long happy life full-on cryptocurrency donations.