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Mobile Payments Lemon Cash Integrates Lightning Network




lemon Cash Adds Lightning Network Support

The Lightning Network continues to blaze a path into the future with its latest integration. LN-users found reason to celebrate this month as the second layer protocol is now integrated into the Lemon Cash interface. This integration brings lower fees, faster Bitcoin payments, and more privacy to millions of users across Latin America and beyond. Here's why the Lemon Cash integration is a big deal for Bitcoiners around the globe.

Lemon Cash

Lemon Cash is one of the most respected payment processors in the region. Notably, it’s the fastest-growing startup in Latin America at this time. The platform enables users to send mobile payments and has seen considerable growth over the last two years. The network has millions of users currently enrolled and is now the largest cryptocurrency wallet provider in Latin America.

Partnership with OpenNode

Lemon Cash seeks to bring full crypto functionality to its user base. To accomplish this task, the group partnered with long-time crypto developers OpenNode. Now, users will save on their fiat-to-crypto exchanges and other transactions using the upgraded system. The partnership combines pioneering protocols in their respective financial sectors.

Lemon Cash App Homepage

Lemon Cash App Homepage

OpenNode has long been a recognized name in the industry since it entered the market in 2017. The goal of OpenNode was to help drive Lightning Network adoption. The firm has helped to improve infrastructure and awareness through its many campaigns. Today, OpenNode is considered one of the most reputable names in the market.

Shared Goals Drive Innovation Forward

Discussing the partnership, the company's Head of Strategy, Josh Held, spoke on how the two firms shared a common mission. He explained that both companies want to see Bitcoin become the base layer for a new global payments system that is more inclusive and transparent. He also discussed how the decision to focus on Latin America makes sense on multiple levels.

Latin America is in the midst of the crypto revolution. These countries have suffered under one-sided financial centralization for too long and many have decided to embrace cryptocurrencies as a means to fight inflation and other issues. Notably, El Salvador became the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender which demonstrates how far ahead these nations are looking into the future. The continent is among the most crypto-friendly in the world today.

Lemons Can Be Sweet

The co-founder of Lemon Cash also had some interesting things to discuss regarding the partnership. Borja Martel Seward stated that Latin American crypto adoption is a priority for the firm. The exec went on to explain that the team seeks to make crypto accessible to everyone across Latin America in the coming years.

The Future is Digital

These plans include a crypto debit card slated for 2022. Crypto debit cards bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized finance. These systems enable users to spend their crypto like fiat cash anywhere that accepts the VISA. The network operates by converting crypto into fiat the moment you swipe the card. The vendor receives fiat currency, making it ideal for everyone.

Lemon Cash is Ahead of the Curve

Projects like Lemon Cash continue to raise eyebrows across the market. These firms are transforming Latin America into a tech hub for blockchain growth. The communities that use these technologies enjoy less inflation and more wealth creation options. As such, Lemon Cash is well positioned for the coming growth of the decentralized economy.