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Titan Mining Just Changed BTC Mining Forever




The pioneering minds at Titan Mining just changed the game with their innovative approach to Bitcoin Mining. The development team recently unveiled a non-custodial mining strategy and marketplace that improves efficiency, lowers costs, and drives rewards higher. As such, many feel this project has the potential to upend the mining industry.

Traditional Mining

Bitcoin leverages miners to remain secure. Their job is to monitor new transactions and confirm their accuracy before adding them to the blockchain. These network nodes compete against each other to solve complex mathematical problems labeled SHA-256 equations.

Source - Engineering News

Source – Engineering News

Importantly, all network miners validate all transactions. However, only the miner that solves the SHA-256 equation adds it to the blockchain and receives the rewards. This structure provides high security but has made mining more difficult for the average person. Titan Mining seeks to change that.

Titan Lightning

Titan Lightning helps to solve some of the biggest issues facing managers today. It incorporates a non-custodial approach which improves security for mining pool participants. These users often need to trust their assets to third parties to access rewards. Worst of all, these rewards can be delayed for days or weeks depending on the mining pool.

Titan Lightning eliminates these delays and introduces instant rewards via a unique approach that transforms mining hashpower into an equitable digital asset. This asset can be traded, stored, or sold without delay.

Mining Evolved – Titan Mining

Discussing the maneuver, Titan Mining CEO, Ryan Condron, went into detail on the many benefits this platform brings to the market. He spoke on how miners have lost control and have been pushed to the side. Titan Lightning restores the balance of power in the market by putting miners back in a position of power.

The Titan Lightning Mining protocol pays out miners every time a block gets added to the blockchain. In the Bitcoin network, this occurs roughly every ten minutes. Notably, this process is automated via smart contracts. Additionally, there is no minimum payout so your rewards don’t get held up.

Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace

Another core component of Titan Mining's approach to the market is integration with the Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace. This peer-to-peer exchange provides a streamlined and secure way for users to trade mining capacity with others.

A New Opportunity

This concept opens the door for non-miners to start cashing in on the rewards miners secure. The Lumerin Hashpower marketplace empowers anyone to validate the Bitcoin blockchain without the need to invest in expensive hardware or learn new technical skills.

The Halving is Approaching

One of the main reasons why Titan Lightning is seeing fast adoption is the approaching halving. Every four years, Bitcoin mining rewards drop 50%. Traditionally, these events are preceded by market rallies. As such, more miners are seeking to get in on the excitement. This time around, regular Bitcoiners can participate in the backend as well. 

Titan Mining – Creativity Pays Off

Titan Mining has just upped the ante with its latest release. Empowering anyone to participate in the mining market makes sense and converting bitcoin hash power to a tradable asset is sure to open the door for more participants. As such, Titan Mining can be seen as a pioneering force in the Lightning Network ecosystem.