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Relai Integrates Lightning Network Payments




Relai Joins Lightning Network

The popular Bitcoin trading and custody protocol, Relai has entered into the Lightning Network in a major way. This month Relai, which has +100K users across the EU, announced that it would integrate the Lightning Network to reduce costs and improve performance. Here is what you need to know about the integration.

Strategic Partnerships

Relai has strategic partnerships with two of the biggest players in the LN ecosystem, Blockstream, and Breez. The partnership provides Relai with reliable LN infrastructure and support. It also lowers costs for its users. Additionally, it opens the door for massive EU adoption moving forward.

Source - Relai

Source – Relai

Blockstream's Greenlight 

Blockstream provided its Greenlight Cloud Nodes as part of the agreement. This feature enables any business to gain instant access to LN services via cloud-based nodes. This structure makes integration easier. Additionally, the firm provided access to its repository to streamline integration. 

Breez SDK

For its part, Breeze agreed to provide access to its SDK. This Lightning-as-a-Service protocol features a highly customizable interface, drop-in design, and other helpful features which makes it easy to integrate payments directly into your dapps. Notably, Breeze SDK leverages Blockstream Green Light to provide reliable solutions. 

The Lightning Network is the Future of Bitcoin

Speaking about the new integration, Julian Liniger, CEO of Relai, took a moment to explain why he feels the Lightning Network is one of the most crucial components of the Bitcoin ecosystem. He explained that the desire to provide fast, efficient, and low-cost Bitcoin payments is at the forefront of his strategy. He also spoke on how the Lightning Network enables Relai to offer more services to the market. 

How it Works

Relai makes it easy for anyone to enter the Bitcoin market. The platform integrates a simplistic interface that doesn't require any previous technical experience to navigate. You can see crucial tasks such as sending, receiving, and purchasing Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. 

The system uses an infrastructure that is similar to hardware wallets in many aspects. Specifically, the network uses a client interface and signer setup to reduce complications. Users can easily send payments, invoices, and complete other Bitcoin-related tasks using this approach.

Relai – Low Fees

One of the main draws for Relai is its low fees. The protocol only charges 0.5% per transaction which is lower than most other onramp solutions. Additionally, developers can share these fees with users or add additional fees to improve ROIs.

Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

Another draw for Relai is its support for Automated Dollar Cost averaging. DCA is a popular way to average the cost of Bitcoin by making purchases spread out over a long time. Relais enables users to set up automated DCA which can then build up your reserves without any additional effort on your part. 

Regulatory Compliance

Relai has full compliance as a regulated financial intermediary in Switzerland. This licensing puts Relai in an exclusive class of compliant crypto custody providers in the region. As such, it’s a crucial onramp for traditional firms and corporations seeking compliant blockchain solutions. 

Relai is on the Rise

When you look at Relai's market positioning and its history of meeting compliance requirements, it’s no surprise to learn the platform is a popular option. Since its launch in 2020, the network has seen +$300M in trading volume. This number continues to rise as more businesses in the region seek out regulatory-compliant solutions.