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Mash Lightning Bitcoin Wallet Goes Live




Mash Wallet

The social media-focused Lightning Network platform Mash recently unveiled its latest wallet to much praise from the community. This easy-to-use non-custodial option is now available for both Google and Apple devices as a free download in its BETA testing form. The wallet incorporates some new technology and a user-friendly interface that makes sending and receiving Bitcoin over the Lightning Network easier than ever. 


Mash Wallet users gain access to a variety of awesome features including the ability to effortlessly send and receive LN payments. The new wallet expands content creator options by including services such as auto-pay, budgets, and pay-by-click options. Best of all, users don't need a subscription to use these payment methods.

These options are all designed to enable content creators to capture more revenue and improve engagement with followers. You can also send LN invoices directly from the wallet. The platform supports up to BOLT 11 LN invoices (most current). It also enables you to send invoices over SMS, WhatsApp, and other popular messengers. There is an integrated QR code scanner that streamlines payment processes further. 

Mash Wallet

Mash Wallet

Mash Wallet Customization 

Mash has taken the concept of wallets and merged it with some options that seem more akin to the metaverse such as profile names and avatars. For years, developers have attempted to figure out a better way for new users to send crypto to and from each other with less confusion.

The current setup of using long wallet addresses works for technologically inclined individuals but isn't well suited for the masses. The concept simplifies the payment process by making it easier. Anyone can search your avatar name and pay you by sending your Bitcoin address but safer.

The ability to allow people to set direct addresses that can be anything they desire improves usability considerably. It also makes it a bit more difficult for someone to see what your actual wallet is in terms of the hard Bitcoin mainnet address. This added layer of privacy can be enough to thwart potential lower-level thieves.

It's Not up to Big Tech to Allow the LN

Another unique aspect of the Mash wallet is the decision to launch the platform from the web rather than the Google play store or App iOS. This maneuver was intentional according to the firm's CEO, Jared Nusinoff. In a recent interview, he spoke on the move. He stated that his firm didn't want to add another party between the users and the Lightning Network.

He spoke on how for too long people have depended on the big tech firms to let them enjoy applications. Mash wants to eliminate this centralization and bring their products directly to users via web page downloads. In this way, Mash keeps to the crypto theme of remaining censorship resistant.


Mash is best known for its social media integrations. The developers have introduced multiple methods for content creators to improve ROIs. These options include alternating payment schedules, support for micropayments, and now, Lightning Network integration.

Mash remains a pioneering force in the market thanks to their innovative concepts and options. The network continues to see further adoption alongside the growth of both the crypto and social media sectors. Moving forward, the Mash wallet will enable users to effortlessly communicate with these features securely. As such, Mash is a project worth keeping an eye on.