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Tippin hits 13000 downloads

What do you get when you cross the Lightning Network, micro-tips, and Twitter – Tippin. The Tippin Lapp generates a Lightning Network QR next to Twitter's retweet button. This handy feature continues to see growing adoption. To date, the Lapp has over 13,000 registered users. Additionally, Tippin furthers Lightning Network adoption in a major way.

While 13,000 downloads may not seem like a lot when compared to the millions of downloads other Dapps such as Steem have, it's still notable when you consider the Lightning Network is still in its Beta testing stages. Despite its testing status, the network continues to see expanding usage. The network grew by 1000 nodes in the last 30 days.

Tippin – Get Started

Getting started with Tippin is easy. The homepage is self-explanatory. You have two options initially, you can log in or sign up. Both processes require very little effort because you can sign in using your Twitter account. Once you have signed up you are directed to your personal page. Here you have four options.

Your Tippin Page

This page is where you find your Tippin QR-code. This code is what you share with people to start earning Lightning Network tips. You can easily Tweet or send this page to anyone you like. You receive the tips sent instantly.

Tippin QR-code via My Tippin Page

Tippin QR-code via My Tippin Page

Your Web Button

Another nice feature of the Tippin Lapp is the ability to create a web button. This feature makes it easy to add your Tippin code to your website. Web developers gain much from integrating this seamless Bitcoin tipping solution to their projects.


The tacos button is how you repay the developers behind the Tippin app. As you would imagine, creating a cool Lapp like this took some serious time and effort. You can now send a tip to the developers to show them you appreciate their hard work. Buy some digital tacos to show your support.

Tippin Headlines

Tippin enjoyed numerous headlines this month. Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey praised the Lapp along with a string of other crypto celebrities. The Lapp also saw an endorsement from Litecoin's founder Charlie Lee. The project was pushed to the forefront of the cryptocommunity after the Lightning Torch initiative began.

Lightning Torch

The Lightning Torch concept began as a social experiment to see what would happen if Lightning Network users passed a Tippin node. The concept originated with longtime crypto enthusiasts Hodlonaut. The goal was to pass the node, each time adding 10,000 Satoshis to the balance. To date, the Lightning Torch received over 2.3 million Satoshis.

Don’t Forget to Tip

The Tippin platform continues to drive crypto-adoption forward. The concept sheds light on the stability and overall excitement surrounding the Lightning Network. It will be interesting to see how long the Lightning Torch will stay in rotation. Maybe it reaches a full Bitcoin?