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Casa Node 2 Officially Launches




Casa Node 2 Officially Launches

Lightning Network users have plenty of reasons to celebrate after Casa announced the launch of their second stand-alone node, the Casa Node 2. The new product features a host of upgrades and improved performance. Now, crypto users can operate a dedicated full node without all of the technical know-how.

News of the upgrade came via a Casa post in which the firm elaborated on some of the upgrades built into the device. Additionally, the company explained how the Casa Node earns you Bitcoin while you sleep. The post described how the node uses the Sats App and Node Heartbeat to make earning BTC a breeze.

Simplify the Space

Casa saw great success with the original Casa Node. The project proved that stand-alone nodes are a valuable asset in the crypto community. Company officials stated that even though the original Casa Node worked great, the firm was ready to improve on the design.

Casa Node via Medium

Casa Node via Medium

Casa Node 2

Developers certainly gave the Casa Node 2 some significant upgrades. For one, the device features a faster processor. Developers integrated a Raspberry Pi4 with 4GB of Ram and a 1TB solid-state HD. The new processor enables a smoother UX and faster response time.

New Operating System

Developers also updated the operating system of the node. The new version of NodeOS helps streamline many of the main processes the device utilizes. Also, the node now features a dark mode.

Most interestingly, the Casa Node 2 comes equipped with BTCPayServer. This software simplifies sending and receiving Bitcoin. BTCPayServer is one of the most popular BTC payment protocols available. Consequently, the addition of the BTCPayServer protocol to the Casa Node 2 makes the product more robust than ever before.

Same Price – Casa Node 2

The Casa Node 2 will sell for the discounted rate of $300 to all current Node 1 operators. The company states that all early orders made between October – November 2019 receive the same discounted rate. This was the same price point for the original node. At first, analysts questioned if the ticket was too high for the market, but time proved them wrong as the original Casa Node was a hit.

If you don’t already own a Casa Node, you can purchase the Node 2 Gold Package for $399. The package includes the full software suite and a completely redesigned Casa Node 2. The new node features a sleeker look that gives it a more futuristic appeal.

Big Support

Earlier in the year, Litecoin developer, Charlie Lee invested in the Casa Node platform. Lee has been a longtime supporter of the Lightning Network. Discussing the decision, Lee explained that he feels the same way about Casa as he did about Coinbase when it first started. Basically, anything that makes crypto use more user-friendly is a smart investment.

Tu Casa es Mi Casa

Casa Node is a true pioneer in the crypto sector. Their advantageous approach to the technical barriers surrounding running a BTC node proved that people prefer a simpler option. Now, Casa Node is ready to take its product to the next level.