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Tiankii Brings Contactless NFC Cards to the Lighting Network




Tiankii Contactless NFC Cards

The Lightning Network payment processor and infrastructure provider, Tiankii, has introduced contactless NFC cards to the Lightning Network. The upgrade will make it easier for people to interact with the layer-2 solution with analysts predicting the streamlined process will help to drive adoption. This upgrade falls in line with Lightning Network's desire to provide an efficient everyday payment system.


Tiankii supports the Lighting Network via a host of features and services. The platform currently offers businesses access to advanced Bitcoin pos machines. These pos systems support full NFC (near-field communications) technology. NFC tech is a close-range communication method that provides free and secure communication between devices. Notably, your cellphone most likely has NFC support.

Source - Tiankii

Source – Tiankii

NFC technology is seen as having immense potential. These systems could be used to notify you of deals or offers in your area. They can also be set up to provide group communications for close-range applications. NFC tech is ideal for payment systems and has been used by the traditional financial system for contactless payment operations for years. Now the same services are available to Bitcoiners via the Tiankii system.

Bitcoin Bolt Cards

The TiankiiCard is a crucial part of the platform's approach. This secure contactless NFC card enables users to make and receive payments on the Lightning Network via a smartphone or NFC-supporting device. The card leverages the Lightning Network BOLTs standard which ensures interoperability with other LN-capable devices.

Easy Onboarding

Part of Tiankii's strategy is to create a seamless integration of their tech for users. Merchants can connect their wallets and bank to receive payment directly into their accounts without delay. This noncustodial structure provides more security from hackers and helps to eliminate any loss due to price fluctuations. Users can also select to receive their payments converted into fiat currency which is a popular option.

Merchant Tools

Tiankii offers a companion of powerful business merchant tools to the market. The platform's flexibility makes it easy for anyone to accept the world's first cryptocurrency without purchasing additional equipment.

A huge selection of POS systems are supported by the platform. It also offers other features including payment systems, payment links, APIs, payment buttons, Lightning Network addresses, financial services, eCommerce infrastructure, Sub accounts, and much more.


Tiankii offers a lot of flexibility in terms of fiat currency conversion. The system boasts the ability to work with +150 fiat currencies in a seamless manner. This flexibility makes the network ideal for use globally. It also falls in line with Bitcoin's open and accessible nature.

Tiankii Pushes Adoption With its Latest Maneuver

It's hard to speculate on the effects of contactless NFC cards in the LN community. As more countries follow in the footsteps of El Salvador, financial products such as contactless cards likely become even more helpful for those not technologically inclined. As such, you could see many more people use the Lightning network via cards in the coming.