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Chaincode Offers Lightning Network Boot Camp




Great news for Lightning Network supporters this week as Chaincode Labs has just announced that they will be hosting a Lightning Network App Development (Lapp) residency. The program will be held in New York from October 22 to 26 and will work exclusively with Lightning Network app (Lapp) development. The course is the first of its kind. If successful, it could help to usher in a new era of Lapps.

The concept behind the project is simple; the more Lapps available to users, the more Bitcoin adoption. Chaincode, like many others in the space, believes Lapps to be the key to showcasing Bitcoins many features, and they are now looking for some fresh minds to help spark public interests.

Well-known Bitcoinists Matt Corallo and Alex Morcos¬†are leading the program. Both of whom, have hosted similar Bitcoin-focused events in the past with great success. Bitcoin software maintainer Marco Falke is also a part of the team. In a recent interview with Coindesk, the experienced crypto developer explained that the goals of the program were to help create Lapps for ordinary people and not just “weird” developers.

Shine Bright with Chaincode

You think you have what it takes to join the team? Chaincode is currently accepting applications. No previous Bitcoin experience is required to apply. Chaincode will be selecting twelve lucky (skilled) developers to join in the residency program. These twelve Lightning Network disciples will undergo an intense programming boot camp which will transform them into Lapp developing masters.

Those chosen will be privy to live presentations from six of the top crypto developers in the space including Blockstream engineers Christian Decker and Elaine Ou. Students will be selected based on their skill level and Lapp concept. Those chosen will work alongside the instructors to help bring their unique Lapp concept to life.

Chaincode doesn't plan to hoard the knowledge either. They have already announced plans to release footage of the program to those who are qualified but unable to make it to New York for the classes. Chaincode's decision reflects their commitment to helping increase adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Lighting Network Brings New Functionality to Bitcoin

The Lightning Network is bringing new functionality to Bitcoin, and Chaincode understands that Lapps are a critical component to showcasing these new capabilities. Shortly, Bitcoiners will enjoy a plethora of new features including smart contracts, oracles, and private transactions…to name a few.

Thankfully, the Lightning Network continues to see development on all fronts thanks to an ever-growing support base within the cryptocommunity.